Dice Strategies: A few bet you should know

The Dice, like most of the games that can be found in a casino are a game of chance where the main factor that influences the final result is luck. Despite what many people think, following a proper dice strategy in DADU Online is not practicing much the way to throw the cubes of luck to get influence in the result they show but the strategy depends more on the type of bet to make. Players looking for a dice strategy that gives them the best chance to win often use the no-pass bet. This is usually not very visible as it is the best odds offered to the player to win in the Dice and, for this reason, the lowest profit margin offered to the casino.

Bet Do not Pass

The No Pass bet is the opposite of what is considered a pass line bet. If you place a No Pass bet you can win with a 2 or a 3 and lose with a 7 or an 11. The 12 is a draw, so the casino does not lose its advantage.If a point is established, the bettor does not win if the shooter rolls a seven before throwing the point. The bet does not pass has an advantage for the House of only 1.36%. In case you look for your best opportunity to win the online dice, this bet is the one you must follow since it offers more options to get benefits.


Just as making probabilistic bets on the pass line gives the player the possibility of obtaining gains equivalent to the respective odds of getting each play, the laying odds bet on a no pass line bet completely eliminates the house advantage. Betting on double odds in non-pass bets decreases the house’s advantage to less than 0.5 percent, so that the chances of getting money depend almost exclusively on chance.

Tips for playing dice

The game of the dice is really popular. There are many different methods that can be found where it is stated that following certain rules will provide safe benefits. One of the few methods that can help to get benefits in the dice is the method of 5 points or 5-Count Method.

Why Apply the 5 Point Method in the Dice?

The 5-point method does not guarantee gains but some players feel that there are special shooters, shooters who tend to throw points either because they are in a good luck or because they are skilled dice throwers.They believe that the method of the 5 Points helps to discover these shooters and therefore to obtain benefits.

 Conclusion: strategy and statistics

The strategy of Dice is not very difficult to learn, being generally a good option to bet against the pitcher. Negative bets usually offer the player chances to make a profit as they usually reduce the house’s advantage considerably even taking it to a minimum.Do not be afraid to enjoy this game and also remember that a good strategy is to decide the budget to invest before playing with both profit and loss limits. If you follow these tips your experience with the Dice can be positive.